Ty Wilkins

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My name is Ty Wilkins and I’m the Brand Director at Scale leading a great team of Brand Designers, Web Designers, Frontend Engineers, 3D Designers, and Animators. I live in Austin with my wonderful wife (Mar) and three amazing kids. Prior to Scale I was the second Designer at Robinhood and collaborated with the Google Brand Studio on the design of more than 50 of their product logos. I love working with Founders and have had the opportunity to design the branding for a few fun startups including GitLab, Auth0, Loom, Vercel, Medallion, Parafin, Flannel, WorkOS, and many others. Over the past few years I’ve invested in a couple of funds (Chapter One and Elefund) and numerous startups including Spline, Vercel, WorkOS, Parafin, Medallion, and places I’ve worked full-time (Robinhood and Scale).

How do you think you can best help/work with startups? Brand Advising

If there was a book, movie, podcast, or blog post that you could make everyone you work with consume, what would it be and why? Don’t Call it That by Eli Altman

What is an online product that no longer exists that you wish was still around and why? Front Row by Apple because I’d love to convert an Apple Pro Display into an actual Apple TV

Favorite music to work to? The Tokyo Disco channel from Poolsuite FM