Nicole Zeng

Twitter, LinkedIn

Nicole is a researcher, people manager, and advisor to early stage startups. Her career spans an all-but-dissertation PhD in the Social Sciences, a career as a researcher and people manager across Twitter, Airbnb, and Slack, and founding a venture-backed enterprise startup ( Most recently, she is living her best life as a people manager and advisor to founders in a rapidly-growing cryptocurrency company.

How do you think you can best help/work with startups? I can help with any topics related to people management, culture work, hiring, and research.

If there was a book, movie, podcast, or blog post that you could make everyone you work with consume, what would it be and why? Scaling Up Excellence by Huggy Rao and Bob Sutton. Whether I'm a middle manager in the thick of things at a rapidly growing startup or a founder of a 10-person startup, this is the book I turn to time and time again for guidance and grounding.

What is an online product that no longer exists that you wish was still around and why? We Feel Fine—a project I learned about in a ted talk in the aughts. It electrified me to dream big on data, society and visual representations therein. 

Favorite music to work to? White noise and classical music